After Wisdom Teeth Removal

The removal of wisdom teeth is a serious surgical procedure. Post-operative care is very important. Unnecessary pain, infections, and swelling can be prevented by following these simple steps:

1. Remove gauze once you arrive at home.
2. Take your pain medications with a big glass of water.
3. Have a milk shake or smoothie, but avoid using a straw for one week.Avoid anything with seeds. 
4. Apply cold packs for two days.
5. REST! Like any other surgery, your body needs rest to heal completely.

Starting day two, for one week:
1. You may have soft foods: eggs, pasta, mashed, potatoes, yogurt, bananas etc.
2. Do warm saltwater rinses every 2-3 hours. Do not rinse vigorously. & do not use mouthwash for 1 week.
3. You may brush your teeth gently but avoid surgical area. A clean mouth heals faster.
4. Swelling of the jaw is normal for the first 24-48 hours after the day of surgery. Make sure to keep using your cold packs.
5. Sutures will dissolve on their own. (if used)
6. No bending, lifting, smoking, or exercising for 1 week!

If you DO NOT feel better within three days, call us, do not wait!

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