Should You Exercise After Oral Surgery?

Exercising is a lot like brushing your teeth, you must make it part of your daily routine in order to stay in great health. But what about when you get work done on your teeth? Is it a good idea to exercise then?

If you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, this may be one of the rare instances where you should take a break from your exercise routine.exercise

Complications can arise if you do not let your mouth heal properly. Following your post-operative care instructions will ensure your a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.

So how soon can you exercise after surgery?

Dr. Cheung & Dr. Ho recommend you to wait a week after your surgery to allow full recovery. Majority of oral surgeries have no complications and heal quickly, we want our patients to be aware of the risks involved so we can work together to avoid them! One of the risks to watch out from is dry socket. Dry socket occurs when the blood clot from the surgical site has been dislodged, causing pain. Other complications you want to be on the look out for are swelling and bleeding. All of these indicate that your body needs rest.

If you are experiencing any of these complications, please contact our office.

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