Quit Smoking to Save Your Smile

We are all well aware that smoking causes major problems for organs such as your lungs and heart, but what about your mouth?

Smoking is a huge risk factor for many oral health issues such as:
Oral Cancer- Smokers are up to 6 times more likely to develop oral cancers.
Gum Disease- Smoking can suppress the body’s immune system, reducing it’s ability to fight infections such as gingivitis and periodontCigarette_smoking_400al disease.
Premature tooth loss- Smokers will loose an average of 2 teeth every 10 years. Smokers develop calculus and are at much greater risk for periodontal disease which is the number one reason adult lose their teeth.
Tooth discoloration- Smoking may leave black or brown stains on the surface of the tooth.
Bad Breath- In smokers halitosis is generally caused by the retention and exhalation of the smoke that is inhaled
Deep wrinkling around your mouth-Smoking can create deep wrinkles around the mouth and speed up the skin’s natural aging process

Even with excellent oral hygiene and preventative care, smokers may face a particularly difficult time in maintaining the health of their gums, not only are smokers more likely to develop gum diseases, but they also have a more difficult time treating such diseases and restoring their gums to a healthy state. This is even truer for patients who also suffer from conditions that already threatens their immune system, such as diabetes.

Quitting is not easy but the benefits are almost immediate. Your circulation improves, your blood pressure starts to return to normal, breathing becomes easier and your taste buds awaken. You’ll also have a healthier mouth!

If quitting smoking is on your to do list talk to us, there are many resources available to make the journey easier.


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